The following are corrections and/or clarifications we have discovered. Before you start sewing, please check this page for any updates. We will list them here as we find them and update the ebook files. If you find any errors, please email us at

2017 Planner and Ebook

07/20/17: Feathered Chevrons

In Christa Watson’s pattern, the Colorful solids or prints required should be 4 full sized charm packs, or 160 precut 5″ squares.

04/10/2017: Jacks

In Amy Sinibaldi’s pattern, the fabric requirements and cutting for the white PE-433 fabric should be 3⅛ yards cut into: 

  • (36) 3″ square
  • (36) 3″ x 7″
  • (18) 7¼” square
  • (2) 6½” x 60″
  • (2) 6½” x 72″

3/22/17: Cascading Colorwash

We have made cutting and assembly changes/clarifications and recommend you download a new copy of the ebook to get the updated version of the pattern.

02/12/17: Every Moment Pillow

Under fabric requirements

  • Cloud Accent Print Fabric changed to Light Gray Accent Print Fabric

Illustrations labeled Figs. 1 – 6

Under Piecing:

  • In steps 2, 6, 10 and 14, print fabric changed to violet print fabric.
  • In step 16, accent print changed to violet print

Under Pillow Finishing:

  • Step 4, it should read “With right sides of pillow top to right sides of both hemmed pillow back rectangles, lay pillow back rectangles on the quilted pillow top, overlapping the pillow back rectangles and aligning raw edges to pillow top. Pin pillow back rectangles together at the overlap.”
  • Step 5, Referencing figure 6 changed to Referencing figure 5.