Stephanie Palmer

Stephanie Palmer, Ph.D.,  is the creator / Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of The Quilter’s Planner and The Quilter’s Planner Magazine.

With over 35,000 copies sold of the Quilter’s Planner in just over 4 years, Stephanie is thrilled to have the opportunity to connect with and empower other quilters and sewists who value the need to honor their creative lives.  Stephanie believes in embracing the art of planning and goal-setting to realize creative, professional and personal life goals.  She strives to empower other creative women to grab their lives by the lapels to make them authentic and fulfilling.

Stephanie has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology; in the ’90s she began her professional life in the most valuable career she imagines one could ever experience — as a Pediatric Psychologist for children undergoing treatment for Cancer and Blood Diseases at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles.  Stephanie has conducted research and written about the issue of quality of life for peer-reviewed journals. She went on to have a private practice on the east coast, working with individuals and families to manage anxiety, grief, depression, daily stressors, and improve communication and coping skills.

In addition to being a clinical psychologist by training, Stephanie is also a mother of four, wife, and a professional longarm quilter, designer and pattern writer.  She also finds time each day to delve into at least a few minutes one of her favorite art forms, sewing, painting, knitting or wheel throwing.  Stephanie believes in the beauty of living an authenticlly creative life.  She is the epitome of a multipotentialite, (defined by Emilie Wapnick as a soul who embraces many interests and creative pursuits), who cannot and will not identify just one, and only one, true calling.

Stephanie loves attacking new projects with fearless positivity and endless planning. Fortunately, she is surrounded by friends and family who support all of her outside-the-box ventures.  They fill her with joy and make her laugh each day.  Stephanie believes that our failures and the act of embracing imperfections are our most valuable life experiences, and with the support of loving and positive people around us, we can surmount any obstacle.

Stephanie believes that there are many true callings for each of us, and there is room in life to explore them all.

Stephanie blogs at She has written articles for, and has been published in numerous quilting magazines.

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