We've put together a fun A-Z of all the awesome features of the 2022 Quilter's Planner - coming soon!

It’s not long now until we can reveal the 2022 Quilter’s Planner – we hope you are as excited as we are!

It’s going to include all the usual features of the planner that you know and love, plus a few more! We’ve had fun putting together an A – Z guide to the Quilter’s Planner, listing all the awesome features and so much more.

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A – Add-a-page Clip-ins – Want to write lists, keep notes, add extra pattern pages? The add-a-page clip ins are a great way to do this and keep everything all together.

B – BOM Sampler Quilt – We’re excited to be hosting another BOM Sampler quilt in 2022! We have worked with a long-standing quilt designer for the Planner to bring you another stunning quilt pattern to sew along to. Watch this space for the big reveal!

C – Color theory page – need some help with putting colors and fabrics together? Look no further than the color theory page in the Reference section of the planner.

D – Dot pages – You can choose your preferred layout for the diary pages, and we love the dots pages for bullet journaling. For bullet journaling ideas, you can read our dedicated blog post here.

E – Elastic pen holder – Fed up with losing your pen? We’ve got you covered! Add an elastic pen holder to your order, and you’ll never be looking for a pen again.

F – Filled with gratitude – there’s lots of space in our new monthly planning pages to list all the things you are grateful for!

G – Graph pages – You can choose the graph pages layout for the diary pages, which is another great option for bullet journaling, plus great for doodling and designing too.

H – Habit Tracker – the Clip-in Habit Tracker is a great way to track your daily habits. Choose which habit you want to focus on, and color in a circle each time you complete that habit.

I – Important dates page – Look ahead to the following year and mark down those important dates. Never forget an important event or appointment again.

J – Jolly useful pocket at the back – There is a handy pocket at the back of the planner for all those odd bits of paper that you want to keep but you’re not quite sure what to do with. Pop them in this pocket to keep them all together.

K – Keep up-to-date – subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up-to-date with all the latest Quilter’s Planner news.

L – Layout of diary pages – There’s 4 options to choose from: the horizonal, vertical, dot and grid layouts, so you can choose the diary layout that works best for you.

Weekly vertical calendar layout


Weekly horizontal calendar layout

M – Monthly page spread – See at a glance what you have coming up each month with the monthly spread pages.

N – Nature is the backdrop for all the gorgeous quilts and projects in the planner, taken by photographer and friend of the planner, Kitty Wilkin. (@nightquilter).

O – Our community is the best! Follow us on IG and Facebook, and join the private Facebook group ‘Quilter’s Planner with Lorinda Davis:Sketch. Dream. Be Inspired’ where you can share tips, projects, quilts, ask questions and get to know one another.

P – Patterns in the planner – There are 8 gorgeous quilt and project patterns this year. They are all included within the planner for easy reference with templates included.  We can’t wait to reveal these soon!

Q – Quilter’s Planner Covers – We have no less than 10 covers you can choose from, so you can choose the cover that best suits your style.

R – Reference section of the planner – This is your go to place for quilt math, measurements, fabric and cutting guides, color theory and more.

S – Sunday or Monday start date – You can choose which date your diary pages start, allowing you to create a schedule that works for you.

T – Tips feature each week on the diary pages, brought to you by 3 expert quilters.

U – Use your planner every day – keep track of your schedule, design your quilts, chart progress with your WIPs, map your goals and keep track of them with the NEW monthly Goal Planning Pages!

V – Vision board for 2022 – Keep sight of what you want in 2022, and use this space to stick photos, draw pictures, and write down all the things you want for your life.

W – Wet erase pen for the clip-in lists – Use wet erase pens to write on the clip-in bookmarks.

X – Cross things off your ‘projects at a glance’ page. It’s so satisfying!

Y – Yearly goals – Set your goals for the year, then break them down into actionable steps. If it’s written down it’s more likely to happen!

Z – Zippy Quilter’s Planner Cover – head to the website for 2 free patterns to make your own custom cover for the planner, including the Zippy Quilter’s Planner Cover.

So there you go, 26 awesome features of the planner, one for every letter of the alphabet! Subscribe to our newsletter for all the latest news, offers and be the first to hear about our pre-sale launch date for the 2022 Quilter’s Planner – not long now!