As sales of the 2022 Quilter’s Planner continue, we have noticed a strong color trend and a clear favorite cover! We thought it’d be fun to share our top five 2022 covers so far. 


#5   Intersecting Circles in Aqua

An old favorite that was renamed this year, the Intersecting Circles in Aqua cover is a well-known Quilter’s Planner design. You may have even noticed it on your packaging this year!


#4   Radiant Rainbow

Of course, our Radiant Rainbow cover is in our top five! And there’s good reason- this cover features all our favorite Quilter’s Planner colors.


#3   Floral Aqua

You know how much we love flowers around here, and you obviously do too! Coming in at #3, the Floral in Aqua cover is clearly well-loved!

#2   Blue Stripes

We seem to be getting a theme going! Blue and Aqua are top-sellers, and the simple Blue Stripes cover is classically cool.

#1  Quilting Vocabulary in Aqua

A new option this year, the Quilting Vocabulary in Aqua cover has been a front-runner since day one! It’s a fun and bright addition to the lineup of Quilter’s Planner covers.


Was your guess in the top five? And what cover did you choose for 2022?

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