The great thing about the Quilter's Planner is there are lots of ways to customise it! From adding washi tape, using stencils to stitching up your own cover (using our free PDF Download patterns) you can customise your planner in ways that work for you.

The great thing about the Quilter’s Planner is you can customize it to suit your needs and help you live your best and most organized life. When you place your order, you can choose the cover that best suits your style, your page layout and your weekly start date. There are lots of other ways you can make it really yours, and we thought we’d share some of the fun and creative ways you can personalise it once you have it in your hands. Let’s put the fun back into planning!

Washi Tape

If there’s one thing Editor Lorinda loves, it’s washi tape! This colorful, low tack tape is a great way to quickly and easily decorate your planner. Available at most stationary stores, it’s a fun option for adding a pop of color to your pages!  It’s also a great way to start customising your planner before making those very first (and often scary!) marks with your pen.


Who said stencils were for kids?! With the bullet journal trend looking like it’s here to stay, a set of stencils is a must have, as they are great for creating lists, bullets and brightening up the pages. They are inexpensive, and SO much fun can be had with them, especially when you get the colouring pencils out too.


If there’s one thing all the Quilter’s Planner team love, it’s a motivational or inspiring quote, and there’s certainly no shortage of them on the internet. So why not look up some quotes and write down your favourites on your diary pages, to keep you inspired throughout the year.  This is a great one…”Set your goals high, and don’t stop until you get there.’  Words to live by!

Add a bit of Color

We’re quilters, so we all love color!  So why not get creative with your colouring pencils or pens.  Maybe you could color code activities in the diary pages, color your WIP list in rainbow shades or just color in words or phrases.  It’s your planner and do whatever inspires you to make it look pretty and get things done.

Custom Planner Cover

Did you know we have patterns for 2 different patchwork planner covers on the website? Why not have a go at the 45 Minute Planner Cover, or if you have a bit more time, have a go at the Zippy Planner Cover, that includes extra pockets to keep all your papers safe.

If you’ve customised the planner in the way that works for you, you’re much more likely to use it, and keep your life and projects on track.  Not only that, it adds an element of fun and inspiration to your plans.  We’d love to see your customised Quilter’s Planners!  Make sure you tag us #quiltersplanner and #quiltersplanner2022 so we can see them!