We are so thrilled to be able to offer lots of different custom options this year so that you can design a planner that truly meets your needs and your style. After all, you’re going to be using it every single day to plan your life and your quilting!  We wanted to share with you the top 5 ways you can customize the planner to make it really work for you.

1. Ten Covers to choose from

This year we’re able to offer you a choice of no less than 10 covers. Will you opt for the radiant rainbow, the hot pink honeycomb or do you prefer ombre stripes or black and white text? Perhaps you like the tessellating triangles…so many to choose from! Whatever your color preference, there’s a planner cover for you.

2. Horizontal, vertical, dot and grid pages

The diary pages are what you’ll be using every day and we wanted to offer you a choice so that you can get the most out of your planner and make it work for you. Choose from the horizontal or vertical, for a classic look.

Or why not go for the dot or grid option? These are great for bullet journalling, and give you more flexibility to add notes, drawings, diagrams and lay out your weekly pages in a fun way. Why not check out Pinterest for some awesome bullet journalling ideas – we’ve had such fun with it, as you can see!

3. Sunday/Monday start date

Some people start their week on a Sunday, some people start their week on a Monday. So we decided to cater for both! With your diary pages starting on the day you prefer, you can get your week off to a great start, which will make you feel organized and ready to tackle each day head on.

4. Choose your clip-in bookmarks and clip-ins

Are you a list person? We love lists! You can’t beat the satisfaction of ticking off things from the ‘to do’ list, whether it be finishing WIPs, keeping track of your habits with the habit tracker, grocery shopping or powering through all errands you need to do at home. So why not purchase some of our clip-in bookmarks to help you get things done!

You can also purchase Add-A-Page Clip-ins, so that you can clip in your favorite patterns, designs, or additional graph paper. You can find a whole selection of FREE downloadable graph papers and other free printables on the website.

5. Make a planner cover – FREE patterns on the website!

We know how much you love to sew and quilt, so why not make a customized quilted cover for your planner. We have 2 free patterns on the website; the Zippy Planner Cover and the 45 Minute Planner Cover, which is shown here. Simply download the PDF, choose your very favorite fabrics and start stitching! The best thing about it is you will get to admire and use it all year long.

We hope you have so much fun customizing your planner and we can’t wait to see it in use! Do tag us on social media, @thequiltersplanner on Instagram and find us on Facebook.