The following are corrections and/or clarifications we have discovered. Before you start sewing, please check this page for any updates. We will list them here as we find them. If you find any errors, please email us at [email protected].

2023 Quilter’s Planner

On the Binding Basics page in Reference section, the “lengthwise grain” and “crosswise grain” subheadings are incorrect. The subheading for WARP should  read “lengthwise grain” and the subheading for WEFT should read “crosswise grain”.

2021 Quilter’s Planner

Aztec Mini wall quilt

How about this? On the 4th page of the pattern, the FPP template does not include a 1″ test block to check for accurate sizing when you make copies. To verify you have proper sizing, you can measure the side of one of the blocks where 2 ½” is indicated.

2020 Magazine

The coloring page of Changeover by Isabelle Selak is incorrect on page 59. You can download a correct coloring page here.

2020 Sampler Quilt, August Block

Block Assembly step 2 should read: “Place a Color 2 2 ½” square right sides together…”

Block Assembly step 7 Should read: “Repeat to make (2) Color 7/Color 3 4 ½” square blocks using (2) Color 3 4 ½” squares and (4) Color 7 2 ½” squares”

2020 Sampler Quilt, December Block

The template given in The 2020 Quilter’s Planner magazine has an additional dashed line around the outside that is unnecessary. Please omit this line when copying your template, or download and print the updated template given here, making sure that each template measures 4” (including the dashed line) after printing. This new template includes 4 copies of the template that you will need to make the December block.

2019 Planner

Hexie Snowflake Block order

Order of blocks in Hexie Snowflake Sample as shown on the monthly tab pages do not coincide with the order listed in the pattern, which is the order the sew-along will follow. Follow the order listed in the magazine. We have also created a complimentary page of DIY stickers for you to add to your planner. Find out how to use them and download the PDF here.

2019 Magazine

Outer Block Ring 1: Page 20, August Block Instructions

There is an error in the instructions for the 2019 August block in the magazine (page 20, Outer Block Ring 1).

TO make the HSTs, there should be only (2) 3”x3” background squares required for this block, not 4.

Hexie Snowflake pattern

On page 18, Inner Ring Block 2, step 2 should read: Sew Bg fabric square 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ between 2 fabric B rectangles 1 1/2″ x 2 1/2″. Sew a B fabric rectangle 1 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ on to the top and bottom to make a unit 4 1/2″ x 4 1/2″.

2018 Planner

Reference Section

01/01/18: Standard Sizes of Precut Fabrics

The standard size of a fat eighth is 9″ x 22″

01/12/18: Flying Geese: Four at a Time (No Waste)

We have made some corrections to this page of the 2018 Quilter’s Planner.  We suggest that you download and print this corrected page, cut it out and tape it to your planner page (perhaps using your favorite washi tape!).

2018 Magazine Patterns

5/15/18: Churn by Leanne Parsons

Gray solid should be increased to 2/3 yd. You will be cutting 3 strips at 7” x WOF for a total of 21”.

4/26/18: Log Cabin by Karen Lewis

Step 4 b:  The measurements for the traditional method of constructing the flying geese are incorrect.  The rectangles from the main body fabric should be cut at 2 3/4” x 5” and the wing background fabric squares should be cut at 2 3/4”.

01/01/18: Zippy Pouch Pattern

On page 50 of the Quilter’s Planner Magazine, there’s a line missing at the end of Pouch Lining Assembly step 2. It should read: In the same manner as step 6 of the Pouch Exterior Assembly, sew the sides of the lining together. Do not baste the top edge as was done on the exterior.

12/26/17: Sampler Quilt Pattern

On page 27 of the Quilter’s Planner Magazine the thumbnail picture of the Classic Beauty quilt layout shows an alternate layout than the instructions provided in the pattern.

2017 Planner and Ebook

**If you are trying to download the 2017 EBook that contain the patterns for 2017, please refer to the Patterns section of your 2017 planner, and read the first paragraph to find the URL.  Enter the URL into your browser to download the 2017 Ebook.

07/20/17: Feathered Chevrons

In Christa Watson’s pattern, the Colorful solids or prints required should be 4 full sized charm packs, or 160 precut 5″ squares.

04/10/2017: Jacks

In Amy Sinibaldi’s pattern, the fabric requirements and cutting for the white PE-433 fabric should be 3⅛ yards cut into: 

  • (36) 3″ square
  • (36) 3″ x 7″
  • (18) 7¼” square
  • (2) 6½” x 60″
  • (2) 6½” x 72″

3/22/17: Cascading Colorwash

We have made cutting and assembly changes/clarifications and recommend you email us for an updated copy of the ebook to get the newest version of the pattern.  Just reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll send it to you!

02/12/17: Every Moment Pillow

Under fabric requirements

  • Cloud Accent Print Fabric changed to Light Gray Accent Print Fabric

Illustrations labeled Figs. 1 – 6

Under Piecing:

  • In steps 2, 6, 10 and 14, print fabric changed to violet print fabric.
  • In step 16, accent print changed to violet print

Under Pillow Finishing:

  • Step 4, it should read “With right sides of pillow top to right sides of both hemmed pillow back rectangles, lay pillow back rectangles on the quilted pillow top, overlapping the pillow back rectangles and aligning raw edges to pillow top. Pin pillow back rectangles together at the overlap.”
  • Step 5, Referencing figure 6 changed to Referencing figure 5.