Ever wondered where the Quilter's Planner comes from and how it's produced? In this two part series we show you behind the scenes and introduce you to our international team!

The QP team love this time of year. It’s a busy and exciting, preparing everything for the launch of the next year’s planner. But what exactly is involved, and who are the team behind it?

In this 2 part series, we’re going to share a little behind the scenes of the work and people involved in its production. From finding designers, commissioning quilts and projects, getting the projects photographed, printing, shipping, social media and updating the website, there’s lots to do! Luckily, we have a great team and ample experience in bringing you the very best planner year on year.

Have you ever wondered exactly where your planner comes from?  Lorinda felt the same way, so she went to Smithville, Texas, home of Responsible Paper Alliance Fulfilment, (RPA) to see for herself!

RPA Fulfilment, owned by Michael Rogles is one of the few companies in the market that creates custom planners that are environmentally friendly. Mike brings 43 years of business experience in the printing and paper industry, 18 of which were in the global paper industry. He has a deep understanding of what it takes to be an advocate for the planet and help expand and nurture our forest as well as reducing our waste. Mike said; “All products used in the manufacture and distribution of the Cedar Bay Planners are either recycled or recyclable. We support environmental partners throughout the globe who are dedicated to improving the planet.”

Lorinda thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to see the Quilter’s Planner being printed.  She said; “Seeing the Quilter’s Planner being manufactured was so exciting! We are so used to seeing a finished product, so it was fascinating to see it’s production journey. I managed to get a few photos to share with you.”

High tech printers print the pages and this machine collates them 


The 10 different planner covers are carefully organized in pigeon holes


The tab dividers are organized in boxes for easy access


The spiral binders are added by hand

Isn’t it fun seeing how the Planner is put together?!  We hope you’ve enjoyed this behind the scenes look into the printing and production process.  Next week, we’ll be introducing you to some of the team members so you can find out more about their contributions to the production of the Quilter’s Planner and about their other work too.