So you've got your brand new Quilter's Planner for 2023, but you're not sure where to start with it. Don't worry, we're here to help! With our 5 step guide, we'll get you going and making dreams and plans for 2023 in no time.

So your Quilter’s Planner has landed on the doorstep, you’ve excitedly unwrapped it and flicked through the contents. You may even have posted an unboxing video on Instagram. (Do it! Don’t forget to tag us @quiltersplanner !) Now it’s time sit down with a cup of tea and start filling out the pages ahead of next year, but where to start? Blank pages can often seem daunting, especially when it comes to your dreams and your plans. That’s some important stuff right there! Don’t worry, we are here to help you get started with the 2023 Quilter’s Planner, step by step.

Personal Information

Once you’ve read through the introduction page, head right over to the personal information page and fill it out with all those important details that will be handy to refer to. Don’t forget your close family members’ birthdays! Include details of some of your favourite local quilt shops and even your family members sizes to refer back to in case you’re making garments for them.

Sewing Machine Information

Hands up who’s got more than one sewing machine? Hands up who’s had their machine serviced recently? Anyone?! It’s so easy to lose track of when you last had your machine serviced, especially when you have more than one! Use this handy page to keep a log of your machines and why not add your machine’s next service to your calendar now so you don’t forget to take it.

Create a Vision Board

Ahhhh the vision board. This is the extra fun part! A large blank space that you can fill with all your wildest hopes and dreams for 2023. Cut out photos, write quotes, write your goals, big and small and refer back to them throughout the year. We shall be sharing more tips for working towards your goals and dreams as we head closer to 2023, but for now, think big, aim high, and create a page to inspire yourself.

The Brand New Habit Tracker

After feedback from our lovely customers, the habit tracker is back and bigger and better than ever. New for 2023 is the habit tracker page, situated at the beginning of each month of the year. Aimed at helping you track and maintain those good habits, the tracker enables you to record your progress and remain consistent. What habits are you going to track next year? Whether it be daily habits such as drinking more water, weekly habits like laundry and meal prep or monthly habits such as cleaning the car and gardening, there’s a place for you to log them all. The goal setting box on the habit tracking page is also a great way to keep your goals at the forefront of your mind.

Birthdays, Guild days, Important dates

It’s a great idea to write down your friends and family’s birthdays, transferring them from your previous planner into your new one, so you don’t miss off anyone! By writing them on the monthly page spread, you can see at a glance which birthdays you have coming up that month and who you may need to purchase (or make) gifts and write cards for. You can also write down Guild meetings, workshop dates, key events, vacations and appointments that you may already have planned. You may like to embellish your planner with stickers for an extra bit of fun! We have used the gorgeous sticker set designed by Karen Lewis, which you can find in our online shop. 

We hope this guide has given you the confidence to get started, and to look forward to 2023 happily, positively and putting you in control!  If you’ve not purchased your Quilter’s Planner for 2023 yet, there’s still time!  Head over to our online shop to get your copy today.