We are so excited to welcome Lorinda Davis as our new editor! Do sit down a while and get to know her in this fun interview.

Hi Lorinda! 

We’re so very excited you’re the new editor of the Quilter’s Planner!  It’s going to be such a wonderful journey.  Tell us a bit about yourself, where you’re from and your family, including your pets! 

I am so excited to be at the helm… I keep asking myself if this is all really happening or if it’s a dream! 

I have always lived in Western Washington State and feel like it’s just the most beautiful place in the world. I love singing, hiking, video games and quality time with family and close friends. The forest is my happy place. I have been married for nearly 22 years and have three kids ages 20, 18, and 16. We are a tight-knit family, and I feel so blessed to have their unwavering support in this new venture. 

We have had (and sadly, lost) a variety of pets over the years, but our household currently has two cats and a dog. The puppy, Clover, is technically the only pet that is mine, but I get to love on the cats too… without the responsibility of taking care of them! 

Tell us a bit about your creative life.  How long have you been a quilter? 

Throughout my life, my creativity has come out in different ways. Whether it was drawing, sewing, crochet, quilting or knitting, I have always been drawn to making things with my own two hands. 

I have been quilting for about 8 years now. In the spring of 2013, my (then homeschooled) kids did a history lesson that required each of them to sew a quilt block. After seeing how dramatically the same block design could change depending on the fabrics and colors they chose, I knew I had to explore this art form further. I’ve been exploring ever since! 

What do you love most about quilting? 

That’s a hard question! My first instinct would be to say playing with color, (can you tell I love rainbows!) but really I think it’s knowing that my art will become tangible evidence of my love for the quilt’s recipient. 

You’ve been part of  the QP team for several years, before you became editor.  What are your favourite features of the planner?

I have consistently used my Quilter’s Planner for six years, and would love to say my favorite feature is something fancy like the Project Planner pages or the Reference section, but honestly, it’s the weekly spread! It’s the part of my planner that I use EVERY day and can’t live without. I time block, so the vertical layout has always worked best for me. But I love the idea of bullet journaling too, so maybe I’ll try the dot grid someday! I think it’s so cool that customers can choose the layout that works best for their planning style. 

Besides the weekly layout, I also get a lot of use out of the Projects-at-a-Glance Page and, of course, the Patterns section! 

We love all the accessories that come with the planner too.  Do you have a favorite that you find the most useful? 

Last year, I had the rose gold ballpoint pen and stick-on pen holder. I used the pen so often that it finally ran out of ink! I didn’t order them this year, and have been regretting that decision because I loved them so much. I think that the Add-a-Page Clip-Ins are pretty fun too.   

But the accessories I am most excited about are the ones I hope to add to the online shop later this year… I’m keeping those a secret for now! 

What plans do you have for the 2022 Quilter’s Planner?  We are so excited to hear! 

I have so many dreams and plans for the future of the Quilter’s Planner brand, and am hoping to implement some of those even before 2022 rolls around! 

As for the 2022 Planner- we are already lining up quilt pattern designers and I CAN’T WAIT for the community to see what this talented group has come up with for 2022. 

You can also expect the 2022 sew-along to be hosted by yours truly. Writing the sew-along tutorials and encouraging the participants was my first role at the Quilter’s Planner. I love doing it so much, and wanted to continue in that work! 

Finally, some quick fire questions, just for fun! 

Knitting or quilting?   Not fair as a quick fire question! Lol I have been quilting much longer, but I currently spend more time knitting. Ask me in a month and that may have changed! 

Chocolate or popcorn?  Chocolate

Solids or prints? Prints

Cats or dogs?  Depends on the individual cat or dog! I’m probably drawn more to dogs, though. 

Foundation Paper Piecing or English Paper Piecing?  FPP

Tea or coffee?  100% tea!

Machine quilting or hand quilting?  Machine quilting

It’s been wonderful getting to know more about you Lorinda, and no doubt we will learn even more as you embark on this exciting creative journey.  We cannot wait to see all the fab things you have planned for the future of the Quilter’s Planner, we know it’s going to be awesome. 

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