As we shared in a previous post, How to Use Bullet Journaling in Your Quilter’s Planner, the Bullet Journal method (aka BuJo), first developed by Ryder Carrol, was created as a quick, easy, no-frills way to stay organized. Purists limit their Bullet Journals to the original concept: notebook, pen, symbols, and entries.

Beautiful BuJos

Naturally, some aren’t content with a “plain” BuJo – they modify their Bullet Journals and take them to the next level. These creative souls turn their BuJos into works of art by incorporating stunning lettering, drawings and more. Such work in a BuJo is often done with pens, colored pencils, watercolors, or washi tape.

This post will share some clever ways you can take your BuJo to the next level. A picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes, so we’ve decided to share some photos of fabulous and fun BuJo pages and spreads. (Images shared with each artist’s permission)

Terrific Trackers

Pages or spreads that track something over a certain period of time are very popular in the world of embellished BuJos. Here are some great examples of that. The artists below tracked mood, sleep, bodily transformation, savings and exercise/workouts in very stylistically different ways. We love the creativity and variety involved in their data collection!

Creative Koi Mood Tracker by Michenou

A color it in Mood Tracker and Sleep Tracker by Michenou

A Body Tracker by Joy

Savings Tracker by Pam

A Workout Tracker by Michenou

Weekly & Monthly Spreads

You may not need to create weekly or monthly spreads in your Quilter’s Planner/BuJo, since they’re already in there, but we’re still sharing these excellent examples just so you get an idea about how traditional bullet journals work. We love the use of space, color, lettering, illustration, and organization!

Weekly Tracker by Jessica

Weekly Spread by Michenou

Monthly Spread by Kerry

Monthly Spread with Symbols by Jes

Awesome Odds & Ends

Want to include a recipe or a page full of gratitude in your Quilter’s Planner/BuJo? Go for it! You can include whatever you’d like, and we love the layouts of these pages.

Recipe Art by Pam

Gratitude Tracker/Page by Michenou

We hope you’ve enjoyed this peek at some of the brilliant Bullet Journal artists out there. If you decide to art up your BuJo/Quilter’s Planner, please share it via social media and tag us on Instagram or Facebook!