We hope you enjoyed reading our recent post: Helpful Hacks for Your Quilter’s Planner – Part 1. Have you implemented any of the ideas yet? We have! Today we’re sharing Part 2 of 2 in our Helpful Hacks series. We’ve compiled some more hacks from our Quilter’s Planner group on Facebook. These clever “hackers” have given us the green light to share these ideas with you, so let’s dive right in!

Daily Planner Pages

There are many ways to use each of the different sections in the Quilter’s Planner. Here are a few of the hacks for using the daily planner pages that follow each calendar spread. First up is QP community member Gina O.

“I use the month at a glance planner to record appointments, and I use the daily entries like a journal to record how long I work on which project. I also have a celebration when I cross something off the projects list!”

QP community member Helen S. uses her daily planner pages to track her fabric acquisition and consumption. It seems Helen is on a “fabric diet.” What a brave soul!

“I use the space at the top of each day for important to-dos and to record my fabric ins and outs for my fabric diet (which isn’t going so well). I split it between quilting and clothing fabric, and I record either where the new fabric came from, or what I made. I then record my monthly totals and year-to-date progress on the monthly overview tab.”


These two hacks focus on the first two pages in the Projects section, which is found towards the back of the Quilter’s Planner. QP community member Linda C. uses the Projects-at-a-Glance section to create a pool of potential projects to make throughout the year.

 This is my way of getting inspired when I get in a ‘slump’. At the beginning of the year, I capture a list of projects I want to work on throughout the year – gifts for special occasions, Christmas projects, retreats, and the occasional inject of unplanned projects for baby showers. That’s what your project list is for right?

 Working full-time, there is never enough (free) time. We get carried away with life and it’s hard to stay focused and motivated. On my ‘sew creative days’ (I named my craft room ‘sew creative’) I try to do a small project that I can complete in a very short timeframe to feel accomplished. That gets me motivated again and I can start a bigger project knowing it will take many weekends to get it done.”

 QP community member Charyti J. uses the Projects-at-a-Glance pages to separate her quilting projects from her other sewing projects.

“On the Projects At-A-Glance pages I have one page that is for quilts and the other page is for sewing projects. This makes it easier to find a project. Plus, if I just want to work on something small, I only have to look at the sewing page. The other neat thing is when the quilts are all on one page, I can clearly see how many I have done this year.”

 Unbound Planner in a Binder

This Quilter’s Planner hack, shared by Lee B., is fantastic. She knows a spiral can’t possibly contain her, and upgrades to a binder!

“I purchased the 3-ring binder version of the planner so I could add pages, a pencil pouch, etc. When you receive it, all you have to do is take the wrapping off and put it in the binder of your choice! This is a 2.5” binder with D rings.”

Getting Started with a Brand New Planner

Here’s a fab and fun tip from Kitty, a key member of our Quilter’s Planner team.

“Are you itching to get started with your 2019 Quilter’s Planner but not sure what to write? Now is a great time to add little stickers, reminders, positive affirmations, or notes for your future self to find. Here’s a little note I drew in the first week of January, since I know one of my goals will be to focus on at least one thing I’m grateful for each day.”

Thank You, Planner Hackers!

We’d like to offer our thanks to the hackers featured in this post: Gina, Helen, Linda, Charyti, and Lee. We appreciate you sharing helpful hints with our fellow quilters!

Send Us YOUR Hacks

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