Whenever you are free motion quilting, whether on a domestic or a longarm machine, it’s important that you bring up the bobbin thread. This simple tip can save you a ton of trouble in the long run, by eliminating thread nests on the back of your quilt.

However it can be irritating to get into this habit… you have to turn your wheel, and move your fabric or the hopping foot out of the way to pull up the bobbin thread (I mean, really, who has that kind of time in life???)

So here’s how I do it. The quick videos below show you on a longarm and on a domestic machine.  It’s the same principle in each example:

On a domestic sewing machine:

On a longarm machine:

This seems like a simple little tip, right?  I love sneaky tricks like this.  But you’d be surprised how much smoother it makes free motion quilting feel! Now just like that, you’re one step closer to quilting like a pro!  Keep up the good work.

Keep practicing your quilting 10 minutes every day; keep drawing quilting designs on everything, everywhere; keep driving your friends and family crazy with quilting talk.  I promise, you’ll be thrilled with your own progress and the joy of being creative and making something beautiful each day.  If you feel like you need a group of like-minded quilting friends, join my Late Night Quilters Club or Quilter’s Planner Facebook group.  We’d love to meet you!

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