Quilt Con, the show hosted by The Modern Quilt Guild starts this week! For so many of us we can't be there, so check out our guide for coping with FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and still have some quilting fun this week.

The much anticipated show, Quilt Con, brought to us by the Modern Quilt Guild, is starting this week, and it will be the first live show in two years! It’s going to be wonderful for quilters to reunite and be together in person once more. However, for so many of us, being there in person this year just isn’t possible, and it can be hard knowing you’re missing out on all the quilting fun! So we thought we’d come up with our top 5 ways to combat quilt show FOMO (that’s Fear Of Missing Out) to help you feel better, and still feel a part of the action.


1) Follow the Quilt Con Hashtag and IG feed/IG lives

Keep up-to-date in real time with what’s happening at Quilt Con by following @themqg on Instagram. They are sure to be sharing the latest news and recording Instagram Lives. Also, follow the hashtag #quiltcon2022 so that all of the action pops up in your feed! Follow some of your favourite makers and people who you know are going to be there, so you get a real sense of what’s going on.


2) Support the Vendors

One of the great things about visiting Quilt Con is the opportunity to support small businesses, see their goods in person and meet the owners. Why not choose your favourite vendors from the show and take a look at their online stores. They are more than likely to be running special promotions for their online customers who can’t be at the show! While it’s not quite the same, it’s a great way of supporting them, and stocking up on what you need at the same time.


3) Work on your favourite feel-good projects

If there’s one thing a trip to Quilt Con makes you want to do, it’s sew and quilt all the things! If you can’t be there in person, then why not carve out some time to work on your very favourite project? Or perhaps cut into that fabric you’ve been saving for ‘best’. Now is an excellent time to do it! bNeed help tracking all of your current quilt projects? Our Quilter’s Planner Design Book has plenty of space!


4) Read the articles and resources available on the Modern Quilt Guild website and feel inspired

There’s some excellent content on the Modern Quilt Guild website, and some of it you can access even if you’re not a member. So have a good look around, and be inspired by the very best of modern quilting.


5) Meet up with or video call a quilting friend and stitch along together

Quilting with friends is something almost all of us love to do, so why not get in touch with a quilting buddy and have a sewing session together. Maybe you can’t meet up in person, so why not set up a video call. Have your drinks and snacks at the ready, some hand sewing to keep your hands busy and stitch and chat for as long as you can make time for. Quilting friends really are the best! You can also join our Quilter’s Planner Facebook group for added support and encouragement!



We hope that eases the FOMO! However, if you are lucky enough to be going this year, do make sure you say hello to editor Lorinda if you see her! Lorinda will be walking the show on Thursday and Friday, and you may also see her at the Aurifil booth, giving a talk about the Radiant Dreams Designer Collection. Whether you’re at the show or at home this coming week, get involved as much as you can and be inspired by some incredible modern quilts.