Are you about to purchase a Quilter's Planner for 2023? Check out how to order your customisations on the website! You'll be able to build a planner that suits your life and your style!

It’s time! The Quilter’s Planner 2023 is listed on the website and ready to order! Before you go ahead and make your purchase, we wanted to tell you about the awesome ways you can customize your planner to make it suit your needs and in a design that best reflects your style. You’re unique and your planner should be too – make it yours!

Cover Star

With a choice of 8 gorgeous front covers, which one’s the star choice for you? Do you like bold, geometric shapes and colours, the text print inspired covers, the ombre shades, or do you lean towards our brand new wildflowers floral design? It’s a big decision!

Team Sunday or Team Monday?

A few years ago we surveyed our lovely customers to see if they would prefer a Sunday or Monday start date for the month view and diary pages, and when the results were in, it was a 50/50 split! So ever since we’ve offered the option so that you can choose between the two.

Design Your Week

Everyone has a different way of visualising their week. Some like it organised in columns and rows, others like the flexibility of a larger space to doodle as they plan! Thankfully we have all 4 options covered. Choose from the following:

Horizontal layout

Vertical layout

Graph paper

Dot grid

Fantastic Features

Other great features of the Quilter’s Planner are; goal setting pages, vision board, personal and quilting to-do lists, quilt patterns from high profile designers, quilting resources and project planning pages. Plus, new for this year, due to popular demand is the return of the habit tracking page, to help you stay on track and create positive routines! We’ll be taking a deep dive into habit tracking over the coming weeks and sharing some of our top tips.

Add Some Accessories

If you want some accessories to go with your planner, we have the Clip in book marks, which feature a meal planner and shopping list, or a to-do list and habit tracker. There’s also a clip in ruler that shows either inches and centimetres (you choose!). If you’re looking to decorate your planner (do it – it’s so much fun!) we have some gorgeous quilting themed sticker sets designed by friend of the planner Karen Lewis.

We are really proud of the 2023 Quilter’s Planner, and it’s been a pleasure to work with such a talented team of quilters who have designed such fabulous quilts for us this year. So don’t delay, get a copy of your customized Quilter’s Planner from our website today!