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Imagine if your grandchild or toddler cuddled up with the quilt you made, and with a click of a cell phone button, she could listen to the sound of your voice telling her how much you love her, and how every time she wraps herself in that quilt, it’s like you’re wrapping your arms around her.

That idea has been brought to life by the family who started Story Patches.

Story patch on a Quilt

Several months ago, Michael, the owner of Story Patches reached out to me. He told me all about his family business that helps quilters make sure that the stories behind our quilts are never forgotten and that our voices are literally heard. Because every quilt has a story.

QR Code on Story Patch label

QR code

Story Patches are pre-printed labels that can be easily attached to your quilt.  Sounds pretty normal, right? Now here comes the magic.  Using the Story Patches website, or their mobile app, you can record your voice leaving a personal message to the recipient of the quilt, and that person can listen to your recorded message, using their cell phone and the QR code on the label, anytime they like.

I often think about the vintage quilts I buy. There are dozens of hours and an immeasurable amount of love, tears, hope or joy poured into it each one.  They’re rarely labeled, of course. I sit and wonder about the women who made each quilt, and the history of that labor of love. And I’ll never know their stories.

Do you label your quilts?  Every time? Once in awhile? Pretty much never?

I wrote a blog post quite awhile ago, before I learned about Story Patches, about how I typically make my quilt labels. I love my method.  But the problem is, it takes awhile.  I don’t know about you, but it seems that by the time a quilt is finally finished, I barely have time to wrap it up and make it to the event in time, much less, sew and slave over a quilt label.guidelines under your quilt label

Story Patches has suddenly made it easy for us.  All you do is take one of their pre-made labels, write your message with a fine tip permanent fabric pen (I like sizes 1, 3 or 5), fold the edges under, and either fuse it or stitch it to the back of your quilt for a polished, but personal look. You can lay a piece of lined paper under your label so you can see faint guidelines when you write your message, like I’ve done on this picture on the left.

I like the pigma Micron pens, and I love to keep several in my sewing room because they are also great for free motion quilting doodling.

Tip:  I always heat set my freshly written labels with a hot, dry iron before getting them wet.

I also like to have a list in front of me, a cheat sheet of all the things I need to include on the label, so I’m less likely to forget to include something.  Here’s the cheat sheet you might want to pin so you have it anytime you’re about to make a label.

Information To Include on Your Quilt Label

goddess applique sheetI find that it’s easiest to fuse the labels onto my quilts.  I use a little double sided Pellon double-sided fusible web, because that’s what I have on hand, as well as my trusty Goddess Applique Sheet, so nothing sticky gets on my iron.

Then I just press and fuse it right onto the back of my quilt. (Don’t spray with starch after you write! Your ink will run if it hasn’t been heat set yet).

Story Patch Label 2

Here are a couple of cute pre-designed labels I created for Story Patches:

Buntings are the universal symbol of celebration and happiness, and fit on just about every baby quilt I can imagine.

The second one, Continuous Arrows,  has a more modern feel, and would work perfectly for just about every contemporary  quilt.

Continuous Line Arrow Story Patch by Stephanie Palmer

If you give these patches a try, please let me know how they work for you!  I provided you with a few affiliate links in this post (although I do not directly benefit from any of the links directly to the Story Patches site), because these are truly things I use and love.  I hope you’ll love them too.

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