What Is Foundation Paper Piecing?

Foundation Paper Piecing (FPP) is a form of quilting that involves sewing fabric to a foundation (a piece of paper), in order to obtain precise results.  Paper piecing is incredibly fun, and allows you to sew intricate quilt blocks that are outside the bounds of traditional piecing.  However, there is a learning curve with FPP.

But don’t be afraid!  Just start simple, and practice, and you will be an FPP superstar in no time.

When you are learning to paper piece, we recommend starting with a simple block, like the Square in a Square block (see the free template below).  This will allow you to focus on the simple, repetitive steps involved in FPP.  After you get these steps down, you can try more FPP gymnastics with intricate blocks.  With FPP, the sky is truly the limit.

What you Need to Get Started:

For a Step by Step, close-captioned video tutorial showing you how to use our free downloadable Square in a Square Template to start foundation paper piecing, click the video below: