We talk to Lynette Muhaso to find out more about the inspiration behind her Joyful Moments quilt for the 2022 Quilter's Planner.

We are delighted to introduce you to designer Lynette Muhaso, who has designed the gorgeous Joyful Moments quilt for the 2022 Quilter’s Planner!  We caught up with her to find out more about the inspiration behind her beautiful quilt.

Thank you so much for designing such a beautiful project for our 2022 Quilter’s Planner! Why did you decide to make this, and can you tell us a little about the inspiration behind it?

I feel so honoured to be contributing a project to the 2022 Quilters Planner. My quilt pattern is called Joyful Moments and it is inspired by the wonderful times spent playing games as a little girl. We grew up outdoors, only getting in the house to eat, though this was an inconvenience at times as that was disturbing the fun. This design in particular was inspired by the pebble games we used to play and could not have enough of that we would make imaginary circles in the house so we could keep playing at night.

Tell us a little about the fabrics you worked with for your project.

For this project, Lorinda made the quilt sample for me. We decided on the using the vibrant Kona Solids against a darker background.

How do you go about designing quilts and projects? What is your design process?

My designs are inspired by things around me, my kids playing with blocks or just a combination of colour that makes want to do something with it. At times, well most of the time, my finished design is nothing like my starting point. The basic idea l start with keeps getting reworked until l hit the aha moment with the final design. Even then l will keep toying with it just to make sure, at times a simple colour change can add a different dimension to the design that changes it.

What type of fabrics are you drawn to? Would you say you have a distinctive style?

I love working with solids and am drawn to the bright bold colours. They just make my heart sing. As for a distinctive style, l am still trying to figure that out.


Tell us a bit about your sewing space. Do you have a dedicated space or are you making space on the kitchen table?

I have a dedicated small sewing space that does the job. Only wish there was more light coming through though.

What techniques do you really enjoy?

Chain piecing is one of my favourite techniques to use as l feel it gets me focused and finished on one task in no time.

What can’t you live without?

My kids. They are the reason l do what l do and l cannot imagine my life without them and my sewing of course.

What do you want to do more of in 2022? We’d love to know! 

I would love to be a bit more planned and organised this year so as not to feel like l am chasing my tail most of the time. I would love to do more with my blog, get it going instead of having it just sit there!

Thank you so much Lynette for chatting to us! 

Find out more about Lynette and her beautiful patterns on her website, and follow her on Instagram @lynsavenue .