Come and meet the team! Get to know more about the team behind the Quilter's Planner and find out how they contribute to bringing you the very best planner each year.

We really do have the very best team here at the Quilter’s Planner, and we want to tell you all about them! We’re an international bunch, spanning the US and the UK, each with a different role, to bring you the Quilter’s Planner each year. Isn’t modern technology wonderful, that we can work in this way?! Let’s meet the team.

Lorinda Davis – Editor (@lorinda.b.davis)

As Editor, Lorinda oversees all aspects of the planner. From product development, production, projects, manufacture and distribution, the website and social media, Lorinda oversees it all. She’s a busy lady! Lorinda has also been involved in making some of the samples for the 2022 Quilter’s Planner and doing some quilt math, (quilting is her passion after all!) Here are a few sneak peeks.

Kitty Wilkin – Quilt Photographer (@nightquilter)

Quilt photographer Kitty Wilkin has been photographing the quilts and projects for the Quilter’s Planner since 2017. Kitty specialises in outdoor quilt photography, and she travels many hours to beautiful locations to capture the backdrop for the quilts. Kitty says; “Nature provides an ever changing backdrop, and I love the challenge of finding the perfect spot for each quilt. Seeking out those perfectly lit days and timely blooms is the name of the game in the month of June! From coast to fields to perhaps even a mountaintop, we’re ready to face whatever adventures come our way to get the perfect quilt photos.”  

Even Kitty’s husband gets involved; here he can be seen wading through a river at a waterfall with a quilt. We love his commitment to the Quilter’s Planner too!

When Kitty’s not shooting for us, she’s making gorgeous quilts and sharing her passion for photography with the world. If you want to learn to take fabulous photos like Kitty, you can purchase her on demand class, ‘Take Great Quilt Photos Now’.

Lindsie Bergevin – Web Designer and Quilter’s Planner Layout (@lindsiebergevin)

Without Lindsie there would be no planner! Lindsie does a wonderful job of designing the covers and interior pages of the Planner each year, including layout out and illustrating the quilt pattern pages. Lindsie also designs all of our planner accessories and digital products, as well as the website. Lindsie is from Boise, Idaho, and when she’s not working for us, she works with other creative businesses, assisting with branding, pattern and other print design, technical illustration, websites and personal software training. You can find out more on her website. 

Yvonne Fuchs – Technical Editor (@quiltingjetgirl)

If we have a question about quilt math, Yvonne will answer it! Yvonne tech edits all the quilt and project patterns in the planner, to make sure they are accurate and follow a clear structure. Yvonne works as a freelance tech-editor so do get in touch if you need her services! Yvonne is also a wonderful quilt pattern designer and designed her Tire Tracks quilt in the 2020 edition of the Quilter’s Planner. Yvonne’s latest self-published quilt pattern is called Pulsar, which you can see here. Isn’t it stunning?! Head to her website to purchase the pattern and for more info about her tech-editing work.

Yvonne currently lives in Hawaii and you can follow her and see more of her beautiful quilts on Instagram @quiltingjetgirl.

Sarah Ashford – Social Media Manager (@sarahashfordstudio)

When Sarah’s not making quilts, she’s busy curating our Instagram feed and filling it with pretty photographs, ideas and inspiration for getting the most out of your Quilter’s Planner. She also writes the blog posts, which range from top tips for using your planner, quilting topics, organizational hacks and useful information to help you live an organized and creative life! Sarah lives in the UK and as well as designing her own quilt patterns and making glitter project pouches, she has just written her first book, Jump into Patchwork and Quilting for C and T Publishing.  Visit her website to find out more.

We truly are an international team and the Quilter’s Planner really is a collaborative effort with all hands on deck! Despite living so far apart, most of us have met several times before; Quilt Con hosted by the Modern Quilt Guild has proved the perfect venue to get together, and we sincerely hope that we can meet up again soon!  For now we will continue to work remotely online, and we can’t wait to share the 2022 Quilter’s Planner with you very soon.