We’re back for the 11th month of the 2018 Quilter’s Planner Block of the Month Sampler Sew Along, can you believe it?

This month, we are working on Block 11 (page 38-39) in the Quilter’s Planner Magazine).  Block 11 is a traditional Ohio star block, and happens to be one of my all-time favorites.

We’ve got another new component this month that’s great to have under your belt as a quilter: the hourglass block.  There are a couple of ways to make an hourglass, but one of the easiest methods is to use 2 Half Square Triangle (HST)  blocks as we will do with this block.

QP Insider Tip #1:

After making your HSTs, I would recommend squaring your HSTs in step 1d to 5 inches.  The pattern says that it isn’t necessary to trim, but I find that it’s helpful to get better alignment for the next step.

QP Insider Tip #2:

Step 2a says to place 2 fabric A/HSTs right sides together so the seams nest.  Just to clarify, the background fabric on the bottom HST will be Right Sides Together with the Fabric A (yellow) part of HST on top.  Make sure that your seams are going the same direction before marking your diagonal line that runs perpendicular (across) to those seams. 

QP Insider Tip #3:

To square your hourglass, you want to line up the center of the block at the 2¼” mark on your ruler like we did in Block 1 with the SQST. Take advantage of the 45 degree line on your ruler as a guide for squaring. 

QP Insider Tip #4:

When assembling the block, be sure to watch the orientation of the hourglass units.  The side with the background fabric should be touching the Fabric B (pink) square in the center of the block.

QP Insider Tip #5:

If you’ve chosen to follow the Modern Bliss layout, there are 2 versions of Block 11 in the quilt pictured on the cover of the magazine (the leftmost block in rows 4 and the rightmost block in row 7).  Also, don’t forget that the Modern Bliss layout uses blocks set on point (rotated 45 degrees), so that may be something to consider when selecting fabrics.

Guidelines to enter your sewn blocks into our monthly challenge (win prizes on Instagram and Facebook):

Between the 1st and the 7th day of each month, you’ll find the pattern for that month’s block and select your fabrics.

Between the 8th and the 14th, you’ll get your fabrics prepped and cut.

Between the 15th and the end of the month, sew up your block and post it to Instagram (please tag @thequiltersplanner and use the #QP2018sewalong hashtag) and/or to the Facebook Group (using the same #QP2018sewalong hashtag).  We will have prizes for both, but you are only eligible to win the monthly prize once.


Rules for for Entering your Sewn Blocks to Win Prizes Online:

When you post a photo of your block on Instagram or in our Facebook group by each deadline set for the month (usually the first of the next month),  you’ll be entered into a drawing for some great prizes from our sponsors: Andover Fabrics, Aurifil, OLFA, and the Quilter’s Planner.

Each month’s entry must be posted by 12:01 am Central Time to be eligible.

You MUST tag @thequiltersplanner on IG or post your block in our Facebook group with your entry and use the hashtag #QP2018sewalong (please be sure to use the hashtag on Instagram AND Facebook) so we can track your entry.

If you win one month’s prize, you will be eligible to win again at 6 months and 12 months, if you complete and enter each month’s block on time.

Some prizes may not be available for participants outside the US due to shipping costs.  Winners will be contacted via social media and asked to provide an email address and shipping address.

If a prize alternative is required, it will be sent via email.

If you do not receive your prize within one month, please contact us at [email protected] so we can contact prize sponsors and help coordinate a new shipment.

These contests are not affiliated with Instagram or Facebook in any way.

General Tips for Sewing the 2018 QP Block of the Month Pattern:

Fabric requirements are listed for the whole project on p. 26 of the pattern magazine.  They are also listed per block, if you do not plan to sew the entire sampler.

Along the way, we will provide you with tips and tricks on Instagram, in our Facebook group, and via email for success and to answer your questions as they arise.  

If you’re worried about missing Sew Along dates, we’ve got you covered – reminders will be posted on Instagram, on our Facebook page, and in our Facebook group as we move through the different phases of the Sew Along.

While these aren’t required, 3½” and 4½” square rulers may speed up the process of trimming and squaring your blocks.  If not, there’s no need to worry. Many quilting rulers have 45 degree lines printed on them. These handy lines are great for helping you to align your seams.

Happy Sewing!  Please contact us on Instagram or in our Facebook group and tag us if you get stuck or have questions!