The Quilter's Planner includes a comprehensive reference section with lots of calculations, measurements, hints and tips. We wanted to share with you just how awesome it really is! Here are 2 tutorials included in the planner make 2 in 1 half square triangles and 8 in one half square triangles. Like many things in life, it's easy when you know how!

The Quilter’s Planner is so much more than just a life planner. There are many additional features to help you plan your quilting projects; from choosing colors, recording progress, to helping with the difficult quilt math. It’s all there at the tips of your fingers!

Today we are focusing on the handy reference section. Here you will find information about different quilt sizes, yardage conversion charts, cutting estimators, piecing methods and so much more.

We wanted to share some of the super quick and clever piecing methods to show you just how many awesome tips we have up our sleeve!

Below are a two of the Half Square Triangle (HST) methods that you will find in the planner. The planner also has measurements for different size squares, so you can choose the right measurements for your project.

Half-Square Triangles: Two at a Time

1. Cut 2 squares 1” larger than the finished size you want. Place the squares right sides together. Using a ruler, draw a diagonal line from one side to the other, on the wrong side of the square that’s on top. Stitch a 1/4” either side of the drawn line. Press to set the seam.

3. Cut down the centre of the diagonal line.

4. Press open with the seam allowance towards the darker fabric. Trim to size.

Half- Square Triangles: Eight at a time

Why make 2 HSTs when you can make 8!  This super easy method will have you whipping up an abundance of HSTs in no time at all. This tutorial makes a finished HST of 2 1/2”. The planner also contains a chart with cutting instructions for multiple sizes.

1. Cut 2 squares 6 3/4”. Place two squares right sides together. Using a ruler, draw a line across each diagonal, corner to corner, on the wrong side of the square on top. Stitch a 1/4” either side of both both sets of stitching lines. Press to set the seams.

3. Cutting on the diagonal lines between the lines of stitching, cut the squares into 4 equal sections.  Cut again in a ‘cross’ formation.  This will create 8 HSTs.

4. Press open with both seam allowances towards the darker fabric. Trim to size.

There is so much fun to to be had with HSTs, including the Sky Dust Quilt pattern by Stephanie Palmer, which is in the 2021 Quilter’s Planner.

We’ll be sharing more piecing tutorials soon, and don’t forget there’s all this and so much more to help you in the Reference section of the Quilter’s Planner, so be sure to use it!  We have thought of everything just for you!