We have some exciting news to share! If you’d like to try a fast and easy way to re-color your Quilter’s Planner Sampler quilt without using expensive software or apps, we have the answer. Now the Quilter’s Planner 2019 Sampler Quilts are available on the PreQuilt website for you to play with before you sew.  The wonderful developers of PreQuilt have also filmed two quick tutorials to show you how to use this simple, fun tool (links to the videos can be found below in this article, or right on the PreQuilt Webpage).

Visit PreQuilt

*PreQuilt is totally free!

*There is no software to download.

*At this time, the best user experience is on a computer (not an IPad or tablet).  Future development plans are in progress for other devices.

*PreQuilt even has designer color solids to play with from many fabric companies

*In this current beta model of PreQuilt, users are not able to “save” their version, but that you are able to download and print an image of it. Be sure to keep the browser open if you are still designing until you download and save the image you are working on coloring.

Want to Watch the Tutorials to Learn How to Use PreQuilt?

Beginner Tutorial

Advanced Tutorial

Here’s what you will learn in the Beginner video:
  • How to use the randomize color button for fun new ideas of color combinations
  • How to change fabric color choices using the color tags
  • How to use the download button to:
    • Download quilt image
    • Download fabric choices
Here’s what will learn in the Advanced video:
  • How to override pattern fabric defaults to:
    • Change color choices on a master block design
    • Change color choices on a single block
  • How to use the download button to:
    • Download quilt image
    • Download fabric choices

Kitty Wilkin, our resident photographer, social media coordinator, and rainbow expert, whipped up this pretty version of the Hexie Snowflake Layout of the Sampler.  Isn’t it beautiful?

Click for the link to the Pyramid Layout of the Sampler Quilt

Click for the link to Hexie Snowflake Layout of the Sampler









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