Staedtler Lumocolor permanent marker


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This is one of our favorite markers to use on our Clip-In Bookmarks. Note: Ink from this pen must be removed with alcohol.

  • Writes permanently on glossy surfaces.
  • Features a fine point and quick-drying ink that won’t bead or smudge; ideal for left-handers
  • Dry-Safe ink allows the marker to be left uncapped for days without drying up
  • Low-odor; waterproof
  • Not recommended for use on the paper in your planner (ballpoint or pencil or gel pen is best for that task)
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This quick-drying permanent marker with fine point contains ink that won’t bead or smudge on your laminated clip in bookmarks and lists. Automatic pressure equalization prevents the pen from leaking. Compact permanent marker also includes a cap with a clip for attaching to notebooks, pockets and more.

*This pen is recommended for use with our laminated bookmarks NOT the paper in your planner.  Ink can be removed from laminated cards using a cotton swab and alcohol.