Reviews of the Quilter’s Planner

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I can’t live without my Quilter’s Planner!  It’s such a relief to have my life organized all in one place.  I know where I need to be, who I need to email, and what quilting projects I’m working on, and I can keep track of all of that in one book.




I just LOVE my planner and can’t believe I ever got through a day without it.  Thank goodness for you and your amazing Quilter’s Planner!


I just received my planner order and I’m really impressed with the quality and design. I love the style of the planner and I can’t wait to use it.  You have really thought of everything.

Lisa Calle

Vintage Modern Quilts

My favorite part of the QP are the weekly calendar pages.  I like to make a list of all the things I need to do right there, and cross things off as I go.  Nothing feels better!

Angela G.

I love the new QP mini.  It goes with me in my purse everywhere.  I always jot down the notions I need to buy at the fabric store and bring it with me.


I love the patterns that come with the Quilter’s Planner.  Totally worth the price!


My son bought me the planner and I have already started filling it in. Love the graph page at the beginning and planned the borders on a quilt I was finishing.

A very neat idea for quilter’s. Thanks. One of the best gifts I have received.


I always make sure to pre-order my Quilter’s Planner early in the year, because the last thing I want to is to be left without one!


I’m a planner junkee.  I collect gel pens and highlighters so I can use a different highlighter color for each of my kids’ activities, and a different color to schedule sewing time for myself.  Then I know where I need to be with a quick glance of my planner.


I love, love the planner!  It is by my side at all times!  I am a list person and organization brings me great comfort so this has been a huge improvement over my previous method (spiral bound notebook and printed out pages of my google calendar).  

Kathy A.

OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?!?!??!!?  That is the most amazing thing EVER! I kept watching the video, torturing myself endlessly with desire! It is just the most organized, thoughtful, gorgeous planner  and so right up my alley!