In case you missed it, we recently shared on our website everything you need to know about the upcoming 2023 Quilter’s Planner River Avon Sew Along. We are so excited to be making Claire’s quilt along with you! And today we’d like to share about how you can get your own River Avon quilt kit!

For more information about Claire and the River Avon quilt, click below

Designer Spotlight: Claire Campion


River Avon is a versatile pattern that leaves the door open for so many color combinations. Whether soft and subtle or bold and bright, your version of the River Avon quilt should reflect your unique personality! Our friends at Sewfinity have curated three additional colorway kits (in addition to the classic River Avon colorway) to help you do just that!

A sample of 4 River Avon quilt Kit colorways

Which will you choose?


Quilter’s Planner
Do you love the River Avon quilt and want to
make it exactly as it appears in the pattern?
You’re in luck! The Quilter’s Planner colorway is
both soft and vibrant, using the same Quilter’s
Planner brand colors that designer Claire
Campion chose while making her River Avon


Daisy Vibes
The color placement in this kit creates a pretty
daisy in the center medallion, making this an
ideal choice for anyone who loves to relax in a
flower garden. Daisy Vibes stirs up memories
of long summer days spent listening to the
bees while making daisy crowns, bracelets, and


Want a cool colorway that shines like bright
stars on a dark winter night? White, aqua, and
purple glow against a black background in the
dramatic Starlight colorway. This quilt will grab
the attention of anyone who sees it!


Hot like a late summer day, the Sunlight
colorway feels like taking a walk through a rare
desert superbloom. Shades of yellow, orange,
and pink leap out to greet you from a warm
Cocoa background.



Use the River Avon coloring page in your 2023 Quilter’s Planner to create your own unique color combination. Sewfinity has full lines of solids from 3 separate manufacturers, so you’re sure to find what you need!