Would You Like to Become a Quilter’s Planner Designer?

We are currently accepting design submissions for our 2023 Quilter’s Planner. If you would like a design considered for inclusion, please email [email protected] with 1-3 design ideas. The submissions deadline for the 2023 Quilter’s Planner is January 20, 2022, and we will let you know if your design has been accepted in the first week of February.

We like to offer light, bright, modern patterns to our customers in a variety of sizes and using a variety of techniques. We prefer patterns with simple techniques for our less-experienced customers, but with lots of visual impact. Each year, we like to have one or two more difficult patterns for our advanced quilters, so please do share if you have an idea for an advanced-level pattern!

Please include the following in your submission:

A sketch, diagram or picture to show us your designs. Please limit your submission to 1-3 designs.

A sentence or two describing each design and your inspiration for it.

Pictures of or links to previously designed patterns. If you are a new pattern designer with minimal or no previous patterns, please include pictures or social media links showing your design style.

Your contact information

Payment and Rights

Our payment for a design is negotiable and ranges from $300-$400, dependent on the size and difficulty of your pattern. We ask for exclusive publishing rights for a period on one year, after which you are encouraged to independently release your pattern for sale.