Have you ever struggled to manage the weight of a quilt while quilting? Holding up the weight of a quilt can really be a drag on your arms and shoulders, especially when working on a larger quilt. Here’s a fast tip to quickly add surface area to help in a pinch!

I am guilty of jumping straight into whatever step is next in a project, but it is worth taking a few extra minutes to prepare for quilting.

Sewing Area Before

Sewing Area – Before Cleaning

In my case, there are a lot of things to the left of my sewing machine that a quilt could get caught on while quilting. Removing all the items from the left hand side of my table usually also reveals plenty of dust and lint which would be much nicer cleaned up before getting stuck all over my quilting project!

Sewing Area - After Cleaning

Sewing Area – After Cleaning

After all the objects (and lint) are removed, it’s quilting time!

Large Quilt in Small Space

Large Quilt in Small Space

Working on a large quilt is a quick way to make my space start to feel very small and my arms and shoulders sore from the work of holding the weight of the quilt. Here’s my quick tip to extend my table surface area:

Table Surface Area Extension - Use Your Ironing Board!

Table Surface Area Extension – Use Your Ironing Board!

Use your ironing board! Simply adjust the height of your ironing board to match the height of your table and place it to the left of your sewing machine.

Table Surface Area Extension

Table Surface Area Extension

And just like that, there is extra area to rest your quilt!