Hi friends! I have a special free printable download for you today.  It’s the perfect Thanksgiving Dinner Planner.

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and I’m starting to get organized for the big day.  My family is hard-core when it comes to Thanksgiving Dinner.  We’ve been known to use an elaborate excel spreadsheet that shows guest lists, the dishes we’ll serve, cooking times and recipes (spreadsheet nerds refer to this as a Gantt chart).  But clearly, this method isn’t for everyone. If fact, it would put many to sleep, or possibly create a panic attack.


So instead, let’s go back to the basics.  I’ve worked with my graphic designer buddy, Lindsie Bergevin, to create the dinner planner of my dreams, and I’m sharing it for free with you!

As always, the act of putting pencil to paper, has an incredibly calming affect.  After I create a nice, clean list, I always feel more in control of all the variables threatening to take over my life.

I hope you enjoy this printable.

Here’s the button again, so you can click to download it!

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