is designed just for you.

It will help you organize your life, make healthy choices, move toward balance, inspire creativity, improve your quilting skills, and crush your goals.


Why a planner?

There’s something pretty special about putting a pen to paper that makes everything more tangible, which makes us more productive, less stressed, and happier. 

Imagine waking up with a smile on your face because you know exactly which tasks you’ll tackle, and how many projects you have in the works. You’ll also know the steps you need to take to finish things in time, and you’ll finally have everything in one complete, compact place. 

Maybe you’ve struggled with keeping your projects, notes and calendar organized, and you’ve been searching for the perfect planning system to help.  The answer is — the Quilter’s Planner!

Customize your planner

You are a beautiful, unique soul, so why not make your planner as unique as you are?

We offer a number of ways you can customize your planner, from the cover design (12 options to choose from!), to the calendar start day, and even how you plan your week. Each planner is made one at a time, just for you with the options you pick.

Choose your start day: Monday or Sunday

One of the best ways to customize your planner is picking the calendar week start day.

We know that this is an important decision for you, and it affects how you plan your week.

*Note: Your monthly and weekly calendars will both start with the same day of the week, Monday or Sunday, depending on which you choose.

Choose a Weekly Calendar design

One of the highlights in the Quilter’s Planner is the option to choose from four different weekly spreads.


This option has vertical columns with hour slots, a daily top 3 priority list, and multiple to-do lists.


This horizontal calendar format doesn’t have hour slots, but has more space to write and take notes.

Graph Paper

Perfect for those who primarily use the monthly calendar and want to use weekly pages for notes and doodles.

Dot Grid

Do you love to bullet journal? This design is for you! It is wide-open to your imagination.

Each spread (regardless of the design you choose) also includes our popular weekly quilting tips so you can continually improve your quilting skills.

Other features of the Quilter’s Planner

Monthly calendar

The monthly calendar is simple and uncluttered, allowing you the space you need to plan your life.

The left margin has a space to set your monthly goals, to inspire and remind you about what you’re working toward achieving each month. It could be living a healthier life, or finishing the quilt that’s sitting on your shelf. It’s up to you! Research shows that setting realistic goals and writing them down leads to more success, so go for it!

The monthly calendar also helps you stay on top of the most popular sewalongs, swaps and other quilting events, so you never have to wonder what’s happening in the quilt world. You’ve got it all right there, conveniently in your Quilter’s Planner. What could be better?

New planning & organization pages

Our new Monthly Goal Planning pages are designed to help clarify what is most important each month so you can spend your time meaningfully and with purpose. With spaces for goal planning and important dates as well as gratitude and inspiration, this page focuses on all aspects of your busy life!

The My Sewing Machines page is a customer request come to life! Use this space to manage information on two of your sewing machines. Track your service and machine care history, machine accessories… even what needle and foot are currently on the machine! For many, the sewing machine is the most valuable asset in your sewing room, and we want to help you care for it well!

In the hustle and bustle of our sewing spaces, it can be hard to keep track of all the tools we own. Now you can create an inventory of those assets with the My Sewing Tools Inventory page! With spaces for machine feet, rulers, hoops and other tools, you’ll always know what you have at your disposal. 

Featured patterns

There are a total of 8 patterns in the 2022 Quilter’s Planner. We worked hard to have a variety of project types, sizes and techniques to keep you busy throughout the whole year!

  • Checkerboard Sampler by Cheryl Brickey of Meadow Mist Designs
  • Science, Baby! by Sylvia Schaefer of Flying Parrot Quilts
  • Luminous Stars Pillow by Jemima Flendt of Tied With a Ribbon
  • Windmills by Sarah Ashford of Sarah Ashford Studios
  • Scrappy Playground by Leanne Parsons of Devoted Quilter
  • Palace Walk Wall Hanging by Christine Slote of Tessellate Textiles
  • Range Road by Brett Lewis of Natural Born Quilter
  • Joyful Moments Quilt by Lynett Muhaso of LynsAvenue

Project planning pages

In the Projects section, you’ll discover a quilter’s toolbox of planning tools, a place to list all the projects you’re making (or plan to make). This section of the book is dedicated to helping you get and stay organized with your works in progress.

The Project Planner has sections to keep notes about what materials you have for that project, what you need, and the steps you need to take to finish. And the best part? You can even attach your fabric swatches and a picture or sketch of your project at the top or on the full page Dot Grid page.

The Projects At-A-Glance page allows you to list all of your works in progress, so you can see all of your quilts or projects in one place and track your progress, priorities and deadlines.

Also included in this section are a page for planning the projects you are making for Bee Blocks and Swap Projects throughout the year, plus a Swap Planner with “notecards” for tracking the details of each project.

Reference section

Your Quilter’s Planner also contains a reference section with important quilting measurements, construction techniques, color theory and more!

  • common piecing methods with step-by-step illustrations
  • cutting estimator to make the most of your yardage
  • yardage planner with common cuts of fabric
  • color theory tips
  • 4 kinds of graph paper

Benefits of The Quilter’s Planner


Look at the big picture and know what’s coming.

The monthly calendars allow you to get a bird’s eye view of your year and months so you can plan ahead and stay organized.


Be inspired.

Beautiful quilt and nature photography to keep you motivated and encourage creativity.


Follow your bliss.

Manage your time and set realistic goals so you can do more of what you love!


Manage your time.

A daily appointment calendar allows you to easily keep track of where you need to be, and how you spend your time. Or if you prefer, our customization model allows you to choose to skip the weekly calendar and have it replaced with graph paper or dot grid paper for bullet journaling or keeping notes and sketches.


Get focused.

Use the Monthly Goal Planning pages to bring clarity and focus to your month: you decide what is most important, so you can spend your time meaningfully and with purpose. 


Create a keepsake of your quilting and personal life.

By tracking your projects and life, you are keeping a journal, a snap-shot of your life. You can look back in years to come and see how you’ve grown and all you’ve achieved.


Customize it.