The Quilter’s Planner is landing on doormats as we speak and no doubt you’re hugely excited to have your much-awaited planner in your hands. But then there’s the realisation that it’s completely empty, and that you need to fill it with your plans, quilt designs, hopes for 2021 and so much more…it can seem a little overwhelming!

So here are our top 5 ways to help you get started with your planner, and make the very best of 2021.

1. Visualization

The visualisation page is a space for you to visualise all your dreams for 2021. It might be a new home, a new pet, your dream job.  Write them down, stick in pictures or draw sketches and believe those things to be yours now. Be grateful for all that you already have, and welcome the new things into your life. Stay positive and you will attract good things!

2. Goal Planning

It’s so important to have goals so that there’s something to work towards. 2020 has showed us that pretty much everything didn’t go to plan, but just remember; you can change the plan but never the goal! Consider three main goals for 2021 and write them down in the ‘goal’ boxes. Then write down two or three actionable steps to achieve that goal. Refer back to them regularly, and remember if circumstances change, you might need to be adaptable! But always keep that goal in the forefront of your mind and you will achieve it, one way or another.

3. Important dates

Never miss an important date again! Whether it be an anniversary, birthday, special event or deadline, write it on the important dates page. Also write it in the diary pages. Then you really do have double insurance that you’ll remember!

4. Plan Projects

If you’re like us, you’re already looking ahead and making quilting plans for 2021. It could be a block of the month programme, a sew-along, bee swap or even the year that you want to get your WIPs finished. Use the project planning pages to help you plan out your projects across the year, and also in more detail too. So when January hits, you are good to go!

5. Dream, Sketch, Plan

The quilter’s planner is full of design pages; from squares, triangles, dots and grids, there’s a space for you to plan, sketch and imagine your future quilts. Jot down idea and techniques you’d like to try, or stick in fabrics you’d like to use. Use it as your own personal reference tool and creative space. It’s your planner after all!

We hope these ideas have helped you feel more organised and prepared to use your planner in the best way! Don’t forget to share photos with us on Facebook and Instagram @thequiltersplanner as we would love to see your planner’s in action.