About the Quilter’s Planner

You’ve may have tried to balance your work, your family, your home and your creative quilting life… but you probably often feel stressed, like there’s just not enough time for everything.

The Quilter’s Planner was made just for you.  It has everything you need to organize and keep track of the work, personal and quilting parts of your life to decrease your stress and increase your creativity.  The Quilter’s Planner even comes with a gorgeous magazine filled with inspirational quilting projects for you to sew.

There’s something about putting a pen to paper that makes everything more tangible, which makes us more productive, less stressed, and happier. 

Imagine waking up with a smile on your face because you know exactly what you need to accomplish during the day.

Think how good it would feel to know exactly how many projects you have in the works, and what steps you need to take to finish them in time.

Try using the planning tools in the Quilter’s Planner and see the difference.  You will be amazed at how much using the planner can bring a sense of balance and increase your ability to make time for creativity.

New for 2020: Customize Your Planner!

Calendar pages

One of the biggest changes we’ve made this year is offering the choice of calendar week start date. You get to choose whether the week starts on a Sunday or Monday.

Weekly Calendar pages — choose 1 of 4 designs!

We’ve reimagined the weekly calendar and now have 4 new designs to choose from!

  1. Vertical: Similar to previous planner years’ weekly calendar, with hour slots, a daily top 3 priority list, multiple to-do lists.
  2.  Horizontal: Open daily sections, with more space to write and take notes.
  3.  Graph paper: The whole two-page spread is free for you to sketch and plan however you want. Perfect for those who primarily use the monthly calendar, and want to use weekly pages for notes and quilty doodles.
  4.  Dot grid: Do you love to bullet journal? This design is for you! It is wide open to your imagination. Like the graph paper option, it is perfect for those who primarily use the monthly calendar, and want to use weekly pages for notes and doodles.

All four designs have plenty of space to write your daily appointments. Each week also features alternating quilting tips and free-motion quilting designs throughout the year.

The paper is high-quality, which means highlighters will not bleed through.

The monthly calendar is simple and uncluttered, allowing you the space you need to plan your life.

The left margin has a space to set your monthly goals, to inspire and remind you about what you’re working toward achieving each month. It could be living a healthier life, it could be to finish the quilt that’s sitting on your shelf. It’s up to you! But research shows that setting realistic goals and writing them down leads to more success, so go for it!

The monthly calendar also features a block of the month from the 2020 Quilter’s Planner Sampler Sew-Along, with where you can find the instructions to make that block in the accompanying Quilter’s Planner Magazine.

Customize Your Planner Today!

Presales start Aug. 5. Orders will ship late October.

2020 features

This year’s edition is full of improvements made from the comments and suggestions you provided, including:

  • Featured Designer: Karen Lewis from Karen Lewis Textiles NEW!
  • More convenient 7″ x 9″ page size NEW!
  • Choose your Start Day!  Do you prefer your calendars to start on a Monday or Sunday?  YOU CHOOSE! NEW!
  • Choose your cover design (or sew your own with our free cover patterns!)
  • 2020 Quilter’s Planner Magazine: A companion full-color glossy magazine with 13 quilting and sewing patterns by top designers
  • 12 monthly blocks featured in a new Quilter’s Planner Sampler Quilt pattern by Karen Lewis (in two color ways) NEW!
  • Monthly calendar pages
  • Weekly calendar pages – Choose between 4 different weekly calendar designs: vertical, horizontal, graph paper or dot grid. NEW!
  • Laminated cover and tabs to last all year
  • Gorgeous quilt photography by Kitty Wilkin
  • Project Planning Pages and Projects-At-A-Glance Pages that thousands of quilters cannot live without
  • Yearly goals planning page
  • Vision board page so you can create a visual representation of what you will focus on this year NEW!
  • Deadline planning pages
  • Bee block & swap projects planner
  • Quilting reference pages
  • Multiple kinds of graph paper
  • Blank drawing paper
  • A pocket at the back of the planner

2020 Block of the Month Sew-along

The monthly calendar also features a sampler block that is part of the Quilter’s Planner 2019 Sampler Quilt. Detailed instructions for each block are included in the companion Quilter’s Planner Magazine.

Each month we publish tips and tricks for sewing the blocks in our BLOG. Our goal is to help you stretch your quilting skills and learn fun new techniques each year.

New accessories for 2020

We are excited to announce a selection of thoughtfully curated and designed products to complement your planner. 

Project Planning Pages

There is a whole section of the book dedicated to helping you get and stay organized with your quilts in progress. The Project Planner has sections to keep notes about what materials you have for that project, what you need, and the steps you need to take to finish. And the best part? You can even attach fabric swatches at the bottom and a picture or sketch of your project at the top!

This page allows you to list all of your Works in Progress, so you can see all of your quilting projects in one place. You can track your progress, priorities and deadlines.

Also included in this section are 
Bee block & swap projects planning pages.



The planner also contains a reference section with important quilting measurements and construction techniques for common designs, color theory and more!

Artwork & Inspiration

As with every year, you’ll find a selection of my favorite quotes that will keep you inspired all year long. These meaningful quotes, in beautiful typography, are perfect for pinning up on your craft room wall.

2020 Quilter’s Planner Magazine

We are again including a copy of our exclusive companion magazine with every planner purchase. This 124 page magazine includes 13 patterns from top quilt designers, the pattern for the 2020 Quilter’s Planner Sampler by Karen Lewis, a tutorial on hand-quilting, and a behind-the-scenes look at the quilt photography featured throughout the planner and magazine. You won’t want to miss out! 

What is it?
  • Look at the big picture and know what’s coming. The monthly calendars allow you to get a bird’s eye view of your year and months so you can plan ahead and stay organized.
  • Manage your time. A daily appointment calendar allows you to easily keep track of where you need to be, and how you spend your time. Or if you prefer, our customization model allows you to choose to skip the weekly calendar and have it replaced with graph paper or dot grid paper for bullet journaling or keeping notes and sketches.
  • Create a keepsake of your quilting and personal life. By tracking your projects and life, you are keeping a journal, a snap-shot of your life.  You can look back in years to come and see how you’ve grown and all you’ve achieved.
  • Be inspired. Inspirational quotes and beautiful artwork keep you motivated and encourage creativity.
  • Customize it. This planner is designed to be tailored to your life.  Whether you’re balancing work and your creative life, or setting new goals as a quilter, this planner gives you flexibility to use it in the way that serves you best.
  • Follow your bliss. Manage your time and set realistic goals so you can do more of what you love!
  • Get focused. Weekly and daily layouts, and room to prioritize your daily top three tasks that need to get done allow you to focus your attention on the most important things in your life.

The Quilter’s Planner is made in the USA on recycled paper.