Stop press! Introducing The Quilter’s Planner Design Book! A dedicated book for you to design, sketch, make lists and jot down all the inspiration that comes to you. If you love designing quilts, or indeed, anything, you need this design book in your toolkit.  It’s just like the Quilter’s Planner, but without the diary pages 🙂

And the best news is you can choose from 10 different covers, so your design book can really reflect you and your personal style.

As with the Quilter’s Planner, there’s a great selection of graph papers, from grid, dot and tessellating triangles. You can have no end of fun designing quilts here!

And should you need any assistance with quilt math, you can refer to the helpful reference section, which has everything you need to know, from metric to conversion formulas, the number of squares you can cut from yardage and piecing methods.

If you find it tricky to know what colors and fabrics to put together, simply turn to the Color Theory page, and you’ll soon know the difference between complimentary, split complimentary and analogous colors.

We can’t wait to see all the beautiful designs you come up with in your very own Design Book. Do share your sketches and your quilts with us on Instagram by tagging us @thequiltersplanner and follow us on Facebook at The Quilter’s Planner.  Happy sketching!