Hands up who’s got a pile of WIPs (works in progress) as high as a mountain? Ok, that’s everyone! What is it about us quilters? We just can’t resist the temptation of starting a new project before we’ve finished the one we’re working on!

As it’s the beginning of a new year, it’s time to get those WIPs in order. Maybe even finished. We’re here to help with our step by step guide to getting started.

The Quilter's Planner Project at a Glance pages help you to work through those WIPs!

1) Assess Your WIPs

The first thing to do is rummage through your home, and find all your WIPs. You’ll either be pleasantly surprised that you don’t have that many, or you’ll have more than you know what to do with! No judgement here, this is about taking action and making a plan to get at least some of them finished this year.

a stack of quilt tops that need to be finished- we have tips to help!

2) Organise into priority order

Lay everything out and see if there’s any projects that need to take priority. Maybe there’s some quilts that are gifts that need to be finished. Maybe you want to get a quilt finished in time for a certain event or time of year. There’s nothing like having a deadline to focus the mind and get things finished!

3) Find quick wins

Are there any WIPs that you could get finished relatively quickly? Maybe you just need to add some binding to a quilt or finish an embroidery project. It’s always satisfying to have a quick win and get something ticked off the list!

a bright quilt being bound- the last step to finishing a WIP

4) Use the project planning pages

Use the project planning pages in the Quilter’s Planner or the Design Book to write down all your WIPs, in order of priority. We love to add colour to this page, it makes it a lot more fun! Check off the various stages of each project so you can see really clearly what work is left to be done.

The Quilter's Planner Project at a Glance pages help you to work through those WIPs!


5) Use the diary pages

Use the weekly diary pages to block out some time specifically to focus on your WIPs. If you’ve already decided which project to work on first, then set a time each week to work on that project. By writing it down, it’s more likely to happen. Also, leave that project out; if you fold it up and put it in the draw you’re less likely to pick it up and finish it!

We would love to see your project planning pages with your WIPs listed. Do tag us in your posts on Instagram @thequiltersplanner and we will spur you on.

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